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Another old game finally written up - the AAF makes its debut in Soeliland; read all about it here.




Fighting for a key crossroads in Anbaba!  Read all about it here (warning: this has 40odd pictures, so it may take some time to load).


PLAoSS rolls into Anbaba! Read all about it here (warning: this has 30odd pictures, so it may take some time to load).


Operations around Anbaba continue - another new battle report, which can be found here.


Information added about an important faction in Soeliland - the VoMIT, arch-enemy of the PLAoSS.



Finally the report of the battle of Kernidad is online. Read all about this big battle here.



Another new battle report, which can be found here.


Added basic information about the PLAoSS, which can be found here. Also, a new page on "Heroes" was added where characters that distinguish themselves are put on. And another battle report is now online, which can be found here.


Two new battle reports are online, which can be found here and here


Another - actually very recent - faction was added to the faction section. For information about the Nomad Alliance, go here.


Some new information on one of the key players in Soeliland, the CUSTARD militia. Read all about it here.


More content from the old page added and some rearranging bit. Another old battle report online here.


Mainly loads of housekeeping stuff - slowly it's getting there.


Two days ago a new battle in our "Battle for Anbaba"-campaign took place. Here you can find all about it.


Mainly minor admin and design stuff - which is a nice way of saying that a whole load of things on this webpage needed fixing, ooops..... :)


Added some material to the Factions section, mainly to try things out; if you want to read all about PoFF Platoons, look here.

Added one of the old battle reports, which can be found here.

Added a background story full of sound and fury, written mainly by Mad Mahmut, which is located here in the Where? When? Why? - section. Most notably it has a map of Soeliland with the various territories in it.

Added a forum which currently is only open to the members of our wargaming group.


Originally, this site ran on geocities. Unfortunately, by October 2009 they will have stopped hosting websites for good, so I had to find a new place for it.

Well, the first minor step in relocating "Operation Dumb Geese" is underway. Let's see how long this all takes until most of it is accessible here.

 We've taken the occasion to  do a bit of revamping as well; thus we now have banner-esque little pictures linking into most sections and a banner. More of that in later updates.