Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming

VoMIT - Introduction

The Volunteer Militia against Imperialists and Technocrats (VoMIT) is a breakaway faction founded by erstwhile

PLAoSS officer Nubaba (a rare - hence blurry - picture of Nubaba actually on a military operation on the left; he spends most of the time at his HQ planning great designs and, according to some sources, feasting with abundance).

While his brother Nububu quickly rose to the rank of colonel and overall commander of all the PLAoSS' armoured assets, Nubaba's career did - in his own opinion - not reflect his qualities as the most capable military leader Soeliland has ever seen. He therefore decided to promote himself to the rank of Grand Marshal and founded his own faction. Nubaba's militia has no known political agenda apart from fighting the "PLAoSS Technocrats" as well as the "Government Imperialists" for "the good of the people", which somehow seems to be exactly the same as increasing Nubaba's personal wealth and that of his cronies.

While Grand Marshal Nubaba continuously claims to have superior leadership over all of his enemies, his forces are generally assumed to be of the poorest quality, often even lacking basic infantry AT weaponry. VoMIT mobile forces mainly consist of technicals and a very small number of vehicles captured from the DRS forces.

While VoMIT infantry may be poorly equipped, it is quite modern in at least one respect - in contrast to the PLAoSS, VoMIT forces have something resembling a uniform in that infantrymen are required to wear a white shirt (a  typical VoMIT infantry squad on the left - white shirts and mostly green hats).

VoMIT has in the past desperately tried to gain some access to air assets. However up to now it neither has any aircraft in its inventory nor can rely on any assistance from a neighboring state. However, according to unconfirmed rumours Grand Marshal Nubaba is trying to get outside help, so things may change in the future.



VoMIT Infantry Plt

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VoMIT Tank Plt

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