Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming


The People's Liberation Army of South Soeliland (PLAoSS) is a marxist-islamistic Rebel army whose ideology is totally focussed on a personality cult around its leader, General Mahmut, known to his followers also as Invincible Mahmut, Most Invincible Mahmut or The Holy Summit of Utmost Invincibility, who is described as extremely charismatic by some (including foreign correspondents held at gunpoint). Other reports however suggest that General Mahmuts charisma in fact mainly rests on the copious consumption of Alcohol and hallucinogenous substances by his followers. The PLAoSS apparently has no political agenda as such; gaining overall control over Soeliland in order to recklessly exploit its natural ressources is generally assumed to be its sole objective. In fact, General Mahmut has been repeatedly reported to send his men into battle with the battle-cry "Let's have fun!".


The PLAoSS is equipped with a variety of equipment from different sources ranging from ex-army hardware to equipment captured from the UN. The mainstay of its mobile forces is a large number of technicals ranging from smaller pickups with MGs to trucks with AA guns on it. Currently the most valued possession of the PLAoSS however is a motley collection of tanks giving it a considerable edge over some of the other contestants in Soeliland.



PLAoSS is known to operate T-62s, T-55s, T-34s, a M-47 and one or two old M3 Stuart as command vehicles. Apart from these tanks technicals are in widespread use, armed with a wide array of machine guns, AA guns or recoilles rifles.



Apart from the militia forces at General Mahmut's disposal members of radical islamistic terrorist organisations are also known to operate in Soeliland; these apparently support the PLAoSS in return for being allowed to establish training camps in PLAoSS-controlled areas of Soeliland. It is the existence of these terrorist organisations that has caused a US intervention force to appear in Soeliland.

PLAoSS does not control any airstrip and has no aircraft in its inventory. However, in the past it every now and then managed to get air support by MiG fighter bombers from an airbase in a neighbouring country whose commander is said to receive regular payments from General Mahmut.

PLAoSS Infantry Plt

Infantry - or more correctly, utterly enthused followers of invincible Mahmut armed with all sorts of Thundersticks - is what the PLAoSS is really about. General Mahmut is known to rant on and on about the - supposed - usefulness of human wave tactics like the martyrian charge, the tsunami charge, the tidal wave charge, the invincible flood charge and so on and so forth. All these highly cunning tactics essentially translate into mad charges directly into the guns of the enemy.

Above is a typical PLAoSS infantry platoon - well, actually not a typical one, as these chaps are members of the feared "Old Guard", an elite unit used only for the most complicated and most difficult tasks - consisting of three infantry squads of in this case 12 men each. Many squads have an additional RPG team for a total of 14 men. 

Many infantry platoons have various means of support attached to it - such as these two 73mm RR guns, also belonging to the Old Guard

Mobile support is usually provided by technicals, of which there are many in Soeliland... 

PLAoSS Armour Plt

under construction

PLAoSS Assault Plt

under construction

PLAoSS Artillery Plt

under construction