Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming

What's "Heroes"??

Every now and then we come across really funny things in our games, like vehicles that single-handedly turn a game, single soldiers that stubbornly refuse to give way and the like. This page is dedicated to them!

Col "Black Rommel" Nububu (PLAoSS)

Fearless Col Nububu has been General Mahmut's most important commander right from day one onwards. A former DRS tank mechanic and armour model enthusiast (with a fearsome reputation among western journalists for launching into long diatribes on the correct number of bolts on Panther roadwheels right in the middle of an interview), his interest into German WW2 armour let him rise quickly in the ranks of the PLAoSS until he became the commander of all armoured forces the PLAoSS has.

Col Nububu likes to be called "Black Rommel" and indeed has been observed wearing a German DAK costume as a uniform. Despite this slightly comical appearance, however, he is a dangerous opponent for the DRS, and rumour has it that the assault on Anbaba, which is only a matter of time, will be directed by him personally.

Here you can see Col Nububu and some of his bodyguards. Usually, he goes nowhere without a sizeable entourage including cyclists like the ones in the picture above. 

Sgt Paddy MacManus (CUSTARD)

Sgt MacManus serves as a CUSTARD gun commander; during a DRS attack on CUSTARD positions, his gun took out an armoured car and two APCs before succumbing to overwhelming enemy fire; see Open Sights!. Sgt MacManus survived to fight another day, was decorated with the Order of St Rognvald and offered an officer's commission.

However, Sgt MacManus reclined - "mustn't leave Charlene for officer country - can't have that". So he still serves with "Charlene", his favourite 5.5in gun, though he has risen from gun commander to gun section commander.

Sgt Absolom Zambani (DRS Army Recce Forces)

Sgt Zambani is in command of "Erazer", one of the very few VAB/20 left to the DRS Army. He almost single-handedly beat back an attack by numerically superior PLAoSS forces; see Training Day.