Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming


As the title says, here are all the factions that we currently play. Pictures link to separate sites for each faction, which all have a short history, a sketchy OrBat of a typical formation and some pictures.

DRS Armed Forces

Democratic Republic of Soeliland Armed Forces - information about the remaining forces that are - at least nominally - at the disposal of the DRS' current president; currently several different arms exist: presidential guard, marines, army, paramilitary police force.



One of the major players in Soelilandian politics is the People's Liberation Army of South Soeliland under the command of its most excentric leader General Mahmut. Learn all about it here.


Originally a breakaway faction led by a dissident PLAoSS commander, the Volunteer Militia against Imperialism and Tyranny has recently tried to establish itself on the political map of Soeliland with quite some success.


Learn all about the Christians for a United Soeliland without Terror, Revolution and Dictatorship, or CUSTARD for short. here. This settlers' militia is a major player in Soelilandian politics and controls much of the northern coastal regions.



The battle of Kernidad has seen a new player enter the stage of Soelilandian politics, and quite a colourful at that. Learn all about the powerful CalaMiti, which has become an important ally to the Libyan AAF here.


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Of the foreign intervention forces involved in Soelilandian affairs, the Libyans are in country for the longest time. Operating out of their base at Kursk airfield, they run the so-called Arab Army of Freedom, or AAF, which consists both of Libyan regulars and volunteers from all over the Arab world. Learn all about this tank-heavy outfit here.

US TF Payback

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