Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming

CUSTARD - Introduction

One of the arch enemies of the PLAoSS (if the PLAoSS is rich in anything, then it is in arch enemies) are the Christians for a United Soeliland without Terror, Revolution and Dictatorship, or CUSTARD for short. By modern standards the main infantry body of the militia is comparatively poorly equipped with WW2 vintage weaponry; CUSTARD tries to make up their lack of modern equipment by intensive training.

Recent developments have seen the acquisition of a number of Centurion tanks, giving CUSTARD a considerable edge over both the DRS and the PLAoSS tanks. Generally, CUSTARD is fairly well equipped with armoured vehicles, operating - apart from the Centurions - also various variants of the Sherman tanks as well as Scorpion light tanks, Saladin and Ferret armoured cars together with armoured cars of WW2 vintage. Also, CUSTARD has constructed at least one armoured train called "ira dei".

CUSTARD operates a small air component based at a small airstrip a couple of miles away from Rognvaldstown consisting of a number of  WW2 vintage aircraft. There are also rumours about a modern transport aircraft that has been converted into a powerful gunship as well as jet bombers acquired third hand from a South American source, but these are unconfirmed.

CUSTARD - Cavalry Sqd

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CUSTARD - Infantry Co

 CUSTARD's traditional mainstay is its infantry force, recruited from the settlers of the Northern coastal plain. A typical infantry company consists of an HQ plt, three rifle plt and a support plt and has an overall fighting strength of 148 men, 2 AA guns, 2 81mm mortars, 2 HMG, 9 LMG, 3 Super Bazooka, 2 WOMBAT Rover, 4 Rover, 4 Trucks and 1 M-3 command vehicle.

CUSTARD - Mobile Assault Co

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