Operation Dumb Geese

contemporary Crossfire-inspired wargaming

                             BLIMEY, WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT????

Well, I don't know how you landed here, but at least I can answer the question above - these pages contain various bits and pieces about modern wargaming loosely based on the Crossfire rules system. They are organized into three main sections plus a small collection of links.

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In the unlikely case you ever wondered what MADOps or CUSTARD might stand for, a brief rundown of the forces usually involved in our wargaming might come in handy. 

                                                              BATTLE REPORTS

Click here if you want to see what happens if some poor sods without any decent knowledge about game mechanisms, lacking any writing talent and unable to operate a camera properly try to cobble together battle reports. 


Giving background information is a good pretext for producing some really whacky stories, don't you think? Here you'll find a brief history of Soeliland and eventually rules and modelling articles.


As any website is better than the one you're currently stranded on here are links to some, uhm, escape pods.